The West Wing: Season 3

The superlatives just keep going. The campaign for re-election kicks off, the staff are investigated over the President’s condition and whether he deceived the voters and foreign tensions continue to develop. Previous seasons deal heavily with the balance between what the staff want to do, and what they can get through congress and senate, this season adds on the price of re-election making everything even more delicate. The guest cast is superb as ever with some familiar faces returning and new one’s being added in to form new and interesting relationships. Everything that was great about the first two seasons is still there and still great. Many people online seem to indicate this is where the series started going downhill, but personally I don’t see it… I even kinda like Amy!

DVD Special Features
Absolutely no special features at all, made even more offensive by the fact that the booklet is for the Region 1 release so you get told all about the commentaries, making ofs and gag reel. Grr. The 6 dvds come in an epic fold out thingy, which is fine until you’re trying to open it up while balancing a laptop. The change in style means that the box set looks more grown-up (no more red white and blue) but doesn’t match on the shelf. Petty, but irritating.


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