Another one of those series where you forget just how good they were at the start. A truly stunning series from the very start of the pilot. Really hits the ground running and just keeps running throughout the whole season. The huge range of story-lines is fascinating, with some running a scene, some an act, episode, right up through to season long character arcs.

Standout episodes include Blizzard (a big disaster, snow, christmas), Into That Good Night (absolute floods of tears over Alan Rosenberg’s performance), Love’s Labour Lost (just plain stunning).

DVD Special Features
A lovely dvd package, with all the season 1 episodes and the feature length pilot. The packaging is nice and compact, although I’m not convinced about the double sided dvds – more efficient, but I keep putting the damn things in upside-down. The small collection of documentaries are very interesting, with most of the principle cast reflecting back on the start of the series. I’ve only listened to one commentary track and have to admit it was deadly dull, so I’m not holding out much hopes for the other two. It’s fascinating to see just what a long shot it was considered at the time, with the networks almost refusing to air it because they thought the audience just wouldn’t get it. Also nice to see said executives admitting how wrong they were.

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