Buffy: Season 1

It’s really quite odd to go back and watch all the characters in their teenage years again when the worries were about teachers, homework and dates for dances. There’s quite a few cringey moments, but also plenty of flashes of what the characters would develop into. I was amused to see the first character to actually get a line was Darla with Harmony also appearing in the first episode. Most of the episodes are freak of the week based (with not that many vampires frankly) with The Master arc appearing in a few episodes and no real character arcs beyond Buffy’s slight acceptance of her duty. Nowhere near as deep or tight as later seasons, but enjoyable to watch with occasional glimpses of brilliance.

DVD Special Features
An interesting commentary on the pilot giving a lot of background with Joss’ usual wit and self-deprecation. Most of the other features are just static content I think and I have absolutely no memory of them.


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