CSI: Miami: Season 1 (second half)

I can’t work out whether this series has less attention to detail than the original, or whether I notice plot holes and clumsy elements more just because I’m trying to avoid the obvious irritation of Horatio Caine. Grissom may have his faults and his hypocrisies but he doesn’t make me want to hit him every single episode. Horatio’s constant patronising attitude towards the other csis, cops, suspects and victims just makes me want to shake him. Alexx isn’t much better to be honest. Calleigh’s general perkiness this half of the season seemed toned down a bit, the writers tried (and yet failed) to wake Speed up (most inaccurate nickname ever) by blowing him up or shooting him every other episode and Delko just didn’t seem to do anything except look pretty. There seems to be a whole flock load of cops that are quite engaging yet never really turn up often enough to develop.

Story wise trying to look past the frequent holes and issues, they’re quite entertaining and vaguely varied around the crime of murder (does no one just get robbed in this town?). Bizarely the episodes that start out with big explosions (Dispo Day and Body Count for example) actually tended to fizzle out, while ones like dead woman walking and spring break i thought were more interesting.

DVD Special Features
Another pretty package but that’s about it. The documentaries on Dispo Day and Freaks and Tweaks are some of the most boring ever, with many many minutes going by with the director, writer, or technical advisor not saying anything. The collection of very short scene commentaries about handling evidence were pretty daft (why no play all function on ~12 2 minute scenes?!) and the section tours with Emily Proctor and Khandi Alexander were just cringe inducing.


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