CSI: Season 1 (first half)

I think this is possibly one of the best opening seasons I’ve seen. It ‘hits the ground running’ with most of the characters already in place and consistent throughout the series without any back-stepping and changes.
Although the first two episodes centre around an unusual case involving one of the crime lab employees the rest of the episodes are the standard self contained fair with the team sometimes working all together or in various combinations. The characters all bring different elements to the team and to the show, including the background lab techs and coroners office people, Greg the DNA tech in particular has a spectacular ability to steal ANY scene he’s in. The plots are well thought out and pretty hole-less and they don’t always get wrapped up neatly like so many mystery/detective shows always manage.

DVD Special Features
The box itself is nice enough, as standard sleeve around fold out set. The animated 3d menu things are kinda cool, but rapidly get somewhat irritating. The rest of the features are all a little unpolished with the standard stuff being recited by the cast and a superficial featurette.

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