CSI: Season 2 (first half)

Season 2 resumes where the 1st left off, 12 individual episodes and cases, but there’s probably more stand out episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 both feature the whole team working together on the same cases which is always fun to watch. Other stand-outs are Slaves of Las Vegas introducing Lady Heather (who’ll return in season 3) who plays Grissom at his own game, Ellie which gives the ‘youngsters’ the chance to do their thing without the parents, and some nice stuff for Brass. A bit more background stuff on the characters is nice to see, but the cases are still central.

DVD Special Features
Quite a bit more than the 1st season sets. First the box glows in the dark! Nifty! Commentaries on the first episode (Burked) and Ellie have some nice information. The features on the set walk-through (all the equipment is real and theoretically works) and cast (Coroner Doc Robbins really does have a prosthetic leg) are also fun, and the fillers of music video, trailers and the rather funky 3d menu fill it all out nicely.

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