CSI: Season 2 (second half)

Still one of the most reliable shows I’ve ever seen. There’s really no such thing as a bad episode. There are some unsubtle character moments with the introduction of Grissom having a problem and the Sara/Grissom dynamic, but there’s also some nice subtleties from a team that’s worked together for several years. Stand-outs include a huge bus crash (I’m a sucker for a big disaster), the return of Paul Millander and the CSI Miami pilot. But it really is the overal high quality that makes the set so enjoyable.

DVD Special Features
Disappointing compared to the previous box. The lack of commentaries is really noticeable. The few features on the final disk are decidedly unexciting. The tour of the lab, location discussion and equipment guide are all fairly dull, the making of a hit is the same old stuff. Very similar to the first season stuff, but disappointing after the commentaries. Oh, it still glows in the dark though.

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