CSI: Season 3 (first half)

I don’t think this is one of the series best seasons, they seem to be trying to make each episode bigger and weirder than the last, making it sometimes drift towards seeming unrealistic or rushed. The team rarely deals with anything except murders and a lot of the levity is lost. The characters also seem to get lost a bit at times and fall into being one dimensional (yes already, I know Catherine is a single mum, get over it!). The best episode is probably Fight Night, if only for it’s self mocking teaser. The Accused Is Entitled is usually billed as another stand out episode, but I have to say I didn’t like it as it seemed to make the team look somewhat incompetent.

DVD Special Features
The packaging is consistent with the previous boxes and very nice, but the other special features are a bit lacking The ‘CSI moves into season 3’ seems to have more comment on the episodes in the next box set than in this one and is rather brief. The tour of the police station is a nice little filler, highlighting some of the locations seen less often and helping to make sense of them. However with just these two featurettes it really is a bit pathetic. 4 commentaries look like a better deal and they have some interesting comments from writers and directors, but they also contain a lot of deathly silence as they just sit watching the episode. Rather disappointing.


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