CSI: Season 3 (second half)

I was disappointed with this box set I have to admit. I had actually seen all the episodes on tv before, something which I don’t usually do, so this may well have coloured my view of the 1/2 season. However my ‘comments’ on the previous half of the season apply even more, the episodes are all about huge things, many of them linked to the team personally somehow. I just don’t feel that this is what CSI is about, the first couple of seasons the characters were always secondary to the science, but now they’re front and centre and frankly I want to slap most of them and forcibly remove them from involvement on cases that are personal to them. That said the episodes are still very watchable, even if I do tend to find the b-stories more enjoyable as they’re what I think CSI should be about. Is it only me that can’t help but smile when Doc Roberts or Greg appear on screen?

DVD Special Features
A fairly nice collection There are commentaries by writer/directors on Random Acts of Violence (Warrick’s personal episode) and Lady Heather’s Box (one of Catherine’s personal episodes but stolen by the brilliant Lady Heather) that are fairly well balanced and interesting. A couple of mini documentaries on the special effects and writing processes are also very intersting and concise. The cast are completely and utterly absent from the whole thing.


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