ER: Season 2

I was surprised it started this early, but this does seem to be the first indication of the series heading from outstanding and innovative into the depths of melodramatic soap opera. However while the signs of (imho) the series’ downfall are present, this season still ranks pretty highly. Compared to the first season which was all about people fighting and often succeeding, this one seems about failure and loss. Even battles that are won come at a price and even it’s the personal battles that are given the most screentime.

There are some episodes here that are truly outstanding and I can remember clearly from watching them on tv nearly a decade ago. Hell and High Water makes George Clooney an action hero, while The Healers is 45 minutes of working my way through a box of tissues and marvelling at the power of script where the important things are not said. Running sub-plots include Susan Lewis taking care of her sister’s baby (which I found pretty tedious to be honest), Peter Benton being a smug self-righteous ass, Doug Ross trying to work out what he’s doing with his life and Mark Green getting divorced and grumpy.

The new characters bring some interesting relationships with them, Jeanie becoming a regular and playing off of Benton and the nurses, Kerry Weaver appearing and pissing pretty much everyone off and the introduction of a couple of paramedics who give an interesting dynamic feel to story lines, but rapidly degenerating into psycho-analysing.

DVD Special Features
The packaging of this dvd is the same as the first, very neat and tidy, yet faintly irritating having to peer at labels on double sided dvds. I ended up watching 2 episodes out of order ‘cos I got the dvd upside down. The special features aren’t quite so enthusiastic as the 1st however, I guess there’s less to talk about once you’ve covered the start-up information and are confronted with wondering what you’re going to put on the next 10 box sets. The commentaries are pretty dull and dry “wasn’t this fun” type things with lengthy pauses as the commentators just watch the episode. The documentaries on directing and the making of Hell and High Water are also pretty dull and lacking in comments from most of the cast and big names. There’s a whole heap of extra scenes which are interesting but the out-takes are more limited and less fun than the 1st season’s. A respectable collection of stuff, but not enough to make this an outstanding collection.


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