Farscape: Season 3

Season 3 seems to be the advent of the big plot arcs and epic stories. While other season had sorta arcs they were more character development type things and hence more slow moving and less intensive. Season 3 seems to spend about 1/5 of it’s time in “previously on Farscape”. Sadly I just didn’t really enjoy this so much, possibly because as this was re-watching I remember how these epic story-lines play out and end, while the shorter stories I’d forgotten. Also the crew spend a chunk of the middle of the season split into 2, removing a lot of the interesting character interplay. I was also slightly frustrated by the pairing of Aeryn and Crichton (I generally actually don’t like it when the unrequited loves get together on shows – what makes the characters interesting is the unrequitedness) and the use of the giant reset button of doom plot device.

The other character comings and goings are interesting too, but generally not for the best. The loss of Zhaan’s calming presence means the crew loses it’s centre with Pilot not able to replace the calming influence well enough to stop the crew (and season) becoming much more frantic and unbalanced. Stark is going to go down as one of the most annoying characters ever at this rate and Jool doesn’t quite manage to stand her ground compared to the other characters, although the bickering with Chianna is fun, particularly the others’ reactions to it. Crais and Talyn never really seemed to manage to work out what their characters were, so it’s kinda hard to miss them.

All in all a rather disappointing season. The best episodes I thought were still the singles, but with less of them, the season just drifts into one long epic “shall we kill Scorpius or is he actually a good guy” type thing, which I lose interest in the 2nd time round. Still good, but not as good as 1 or 2.


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