Carnivàle: Season 2

My review of season 1 said that I wasn’t sure whether I liked the show or not and that how good the first season was would depend on whether the pay off of all the set up was worth it. With the series being cancelled season 2 is all the payoff we’re going to get and sadly I think it desperately needed a third season. 1 was the background for a battle, 2 was putting the troops on the relevant sides and the opening salvos, 3 would have been the battle itself (I suspect). Without getting to where it was going, I’m not sure that the rest of the journey was anything more than an interesting diversion – compare with if Babylon 5 had been axed after season 2. This is probably a bit harsh and stemming from my bitterness at the cancellation. I did find the episodes fascinating to watch – you can never really predict what most of the ‘supporting troops’ are going to do and which side they’ll pick, right up to the final moments of the last episode.

The style of the series is amazing and being HBO they can push things much further than ‘regular’ tv can get past the censors giving it a much grittier realistic feel. I think this may have had the potential to be great, but without it’s conclusion, I’m not sure where it ends up.


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