ER: Season 4

I enjoyed watching this season but it didn’t really stand out in any way. Writing this review a week after finishing it leaves me with some difficulties thinking of things to write. The new characters of Corday and del Amico were interesting and fun in the way they contrasted with Benton and Carter respectively. Other than that everything sort of ticked along, the only stand-out episodes I can remember being the live episode which was an impressive achievement and the one with the ER being evacuated. The two episodes set out of town felt rather odd, not really like ER at all.

DVD Special Features
Hugely disappointing compared with previous sets. The only features were some deleted scenes spread across the dvds which was a sensible way to distribute them (rather than leaving them all until the final disc) but weren’t particularly exciting. There’s apparently an easter egg somewhere, but I couldn’t be bothered to look for it.


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