The Shield: Season 2

I forgot to actually write the review of this season after I watched it and only wrote the review of the special features for some reason. Looking back at the episode list the key plot arcs come back to me – particularly the Armadillo drug wars and the set up for the Money Train heist at the end (which I seem to recall actually came across as a bit of a damp squib after a whole season of buildup). It’s a continuing miracle that the Strike Team manage to get themselves out of trouble every time having got themselves into seemingly untenable positions.

The character arcs seem mostly set around breaking characters down, in contrast to season 1’s building them up. It seems we see the characters fail more often and more spectacularly and then see them mope about a bit and eventually work out how to get back on top. The end of the season ends explosively and sets up some interestingly different situations for season 3.

DVD Special Features
This season has a lot more featurettes than the first season, but fewer commentaries. In some ways this actually works well – particularly in the form of the directors table which is a fascinating 45 minute discussion between 3 directors and Shawn Ryan the creator. Having the directors together discussing the whole season allows them great interplay and range rather than being locked to an episode. The wrap day is a bit sappy with everybody hugging and gushing, but it shows how shooting actually happens and I’m a sucker for watching cast and crew looking so happy. The sound and editorial features are a bit dry, but informative. The 30 deleted scenes are great – most of them again cut for time, sometime losing whole sub-stories but this really really suffers from the lack of play all functions.


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