Bones: Season 1

Just what the world needs, another crime scene analysis show! This one’s hook is supposed to be that it’s not actually forensics, but forensic anthropology, with a group of lab rats from the Smithsonian helping the FBI investigate whatever decomposed remains happen to turn up. The hook for me however was David Boreanaz from Angel. This hook works, he’s a great leading man bringing a lot of charisma and depth to the FBI agent. It’s just a shame that everything else is a bit mediocre. His will-they/won’t-they partner is a character that manages to be hugely dull, despite a number of interesting aspects and the actress just fades into the background against her more experienced partner. The various sidekicks barely make a dent most of the time. The series as a whole falls into the ‘watchable’ bucket – fun to pick up on dvd, but not one to really bother setting the video for.


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