CSI:NY: Season 1 (second half)

The second half of the season is a little lighter than the first and consequently a bit more fun to watch. The thing that stands out most to me is how New York everything is – from the plots, locations through to the characters, it’s not just about the cases it’s about the city as well. The characters are a huge step forward from the bland collection in Miami and seem to have more energy that the Las Vegas crew.

There’s still an issue that the plots seem to be getting sloppier, there are an increasing number of points where cases could be tied up faster just by asking the right question, but I guess that’s just television.

DVD Special Featuressc
There’s only one commentary and it suffers from Deathly Silence Syndrome. The 4 featurettes however manage to be interesting and fun to watch. The overview of setting the show in New York gives some interesting background, the character/casting review gives some depth. The set tour is a little dull but the small feature on the animals used in the series is fun, something that’s usually missing from CSI dvds.


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