Will and Grace: Season 6

The weakest season of Will and Grace yet, mostly due to the lengthy absence of Grace due to the actress’ pregnancy. Without Grace being ditzy and pathetic and making Will competent he just comes across as horribly insecure, sappy and geeky and it’s painful to watch. Jack and Karen were much funnier in supporting roles as they are too large for main characters. My favourite thing about the entire season was actually Harry Connick Jr. as Leo who managed to play a believable character who was also hilarious. The rest of the stunt casting just annoyed and frustrated me, most of the guests were just not funny.

DVD Special Features
Just for a change there’s actually a special feature! An hour long interview with the series creators at the Edinburgh Television Festival which covered their backgrounds, working relationship, pitch process and the development of the series. The pair were very easy to listen to and injected a lot of humour into what could easily have become a very dry session.


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