Six Feet Under: Season 3

This series is strangely addictive when you’re watching it, but hard to get into. I can’t imagine watching it just one episode a week, but to watch the season over a few days is intense and satisfying. Season 3 shakes things up a bit, taking Claire out of school and putting Nate into a family situation. There’s a lot of frustration for the characters and that carries through to the viewer occasionally, you just want the characters to be happy and make things work. It makes the brief moments of happiness and connection so much more satisfying.

DVD Special Features
The packaging and menus are beautiful as always with these dvds, they’re nothing flashy, but fit so perfectly with the series. There’s a good collection of commentaries, although the director ones tend to be rather dull the writers usually bring some life and insight. There’s a short feature on a promo video that was made by the network which very cleverly works as a focus for a brief season overview. It’s a really great featurette and it just makes it even worse that there aren’t more features.


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