Roswell: Season 2

I didn’t enjoy this season as much as the first, although I think the overall quality may actually be higher. I enjoyed the first season because it was aliens in highschool, there were serious plots, but it was just kids dealing with their every day lives and problems that come up because they’re aliens. But in season 2 they suddenly have this whole destiny thing going on, worlds depending on them and everything and I just felt it took away some of the fun. It’s still enjoyable, but it’s trying to be more than (possibly) it can be.

DVD Special Features
The three commentaries are really interesting with the writers and producers talking about how the stories came about, why choices were made and how they fit into wider pictures. The main featurette is a detailed look at the season episode by episode again filling in some of the reasoning for arcs and changes. Despite the continuing obsession with hair they’re a good selection of extras.


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