Torchwood: Season 1

Oh my word, how can something with so many right ingredients go so badly wrong. I love Dr Who, it’s a brilliantly written show, with a talented cast of regulars and guest stars and superb production values. When they announced that there was going to be a more grown up spin-off lead by Captain Jack it seemed like a safe bet. What turned up was a messy, cheesy, hole-ridden, painful show that was unsuitable for kids, unappealing to adults and just completely wrong.

The aim appeared to be to make a darker Dr Who, but it ended up seeming like a show written by 14 year olds about what they thought being grown up was. Lots of swearing and sex with very little justification or weight behind any of it. The characters were either incompetent, self-important, underused, irritating or all of the above, even Captain Jack was a lot less fun after being dead and John Barrowman just didn’t seem to be able to manage to pull off the more dramatic elements without hamming it up.

This show is just plain bad. I only kept watching because I couldn’t see how the people that made Dr Who so great could make something so bad.

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