Battlestar Galactica: Season 3

Looking back on this season, I forget a lot of the mediocre middling stuff that was used to pad things out and instead remember the absolutely superb high points at the beginning and end of the season. The series lost its way somewhat in the middle, focussing too much on the daily grind and relationships of the characters, many of whom just seemed to flop about unable to commit to anything. When it remembered to do proper plot though it was breath-taking. From the initial episodes focusing on New Caprica, the escape and the aftermath through some of the difficulties associated with being a civilisation on the run to the bigger picture weirdness with the Cylons and the route to Earth the writers seem to actually have a plan for where things are going. This provides me with so much more faith than many other shows on the air which just seem to blunder along. I find myself almost hoping that season 4 is the last so that it doesn’t get tired and start to drift from the astonishing quality in writing, acting and production that other shows could learn so much from.


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