Doctor Who (2007)

I really love this new Doctor Who, it’s breathed such life into the franchise taking everything that was great about Doctor Who and bringing it bang up to date. Russell T Davis has proved himself a versatile and fun writer, he’s survived a change in Doctor and a change in companion in just 3 years and the show continues to grow and surprise.

The new companion is a worthy successor to Rose, challenging the doctor and bringing an intelligence that Rose (bless her) didn’t quite manage. Her level of self awareness as she falls for the Doctor is a particular treat. The Doctor meanwhile is a changed man after losing Rose and the quality of David Tennant’s acting shines through in everything he doesn’t say about her. Throwing the wonderful Captain Jack back into the mix at the end of the season highlighted how much the Doctor has changed and how much he’s stayed the same.

The plots are as varied and daft as they’ve always been, from the sublime (Blink, Family of Blood two parter) to the faintly ridiculous (Pig men, Gridlock, demented evil masterminds). It still occasionally drifts a little too childish (I was particularly irritated by some of the music-video style direction in the last couple of episodes which I felt was trying too hard) but the flashes of darkness in the Doctor and the universe are very well handled.

I look forward to next season, there are few shows that I actually go to the effort of watching live on telly, but this is one that just has to be seen on a Saturday night. Now if only they could replicate this magic on Torchwood.

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