Deadwood: Season 2

Wow. A lot happens this season, maybe too much. With new characters introduced some others get side-lined and I found the politics of annexation got a little tedious at times.

However those are relatively minor quibbles about an otherwise superb show however. Everything I praised in the first season is still superb and there’s not really much higher praise. One thing I didn’t comment on, and that I continue to find surprising, is just how funny the show is. With a look, a line or even just the situation I was frequently laughing out loud and wanting to share the joke with someone. I’m not sure a show with so much swearing in it can be referred to as ‘delightful’ but it comes pretty damn close.
DVD Special Features
ARGH! If you cannot be bothered to sort out licensing your special features from the region 1 discs to the region 2 for the love of all that’s holy show the respect of reprinting the packaging so the people who have paid you money don’t spend 5 minutes hunting for features that aren’t there. I will acknowledge that it’s a beautifully designed package with some nice artwork and character, but missing out on the half a dozen commentaries and having my nose rubbed in it really angers me.


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