Criminal Minds: Season 2

I enjoyed this season for all the same reasons that I enjoyed the first season. It’s engaging, varied, clever, funny and (mostly) logical. The production values are extremely high and (as commented in various making ofs) it really is approaching the quality of a feature film each week.

My biggest complaint about season 2 is that they try to make it too personal in places. They make the usual mistake of having their characters get too involved with their cases, pretty much each character gets somehow targetted by an ‘unsub’ this season and it feel a bit forced. They also fall into the old cliche of having an investigator accused of a crime, in fact including the last episode of season 1, they do it twice!

Shows like this need to be careful that they don’t “raise the stakes” so far they lose all realism. Criminal Minds makes an attempt to deal with how these events effect characters long term making it a little less stunt like, but it’s still dangerous. Also replacing characters is delicate and I’m not sure they did a particularly good job with the new female investigator.

Despite the number of lines I’ve allocated those complaints, the positives strongly outweigh the negatives and I greatly enjoyed this series and can’t wait for the next.


One thought on “Criminal Minds: Season 2

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