Pilot Review: Big Shots

Big Shots is a kind of Desperate Husbands, the four titular Big Shots suffer the trials and tribulations of life – wives, mistresses, corporate affairs, investigative journalism, estranged daughters, accidentally having sex with a transvestite hooker, imported cakes.. you know, the day to day problems we all have.

Notice the sarcasm there? Yup, I didn’t like this show one bit. I’m not sure I was ever supposed to though. I don’t understand who Big Shots is aimed at, it’s scheduled to follow Grey’s Anatomy, implying a female target, but there are no strong female characters and elements of it are borderline offensive to women. Is there a large enough audience of men who want to watch a drama/comedy/soap opera? Maybe that’s unreasonably sexist of me, but a brief bit of research turns up that the show’s numbers are not good at all.

The biggest problem is that they’ve managed to collect the most unsympathetic bunch of characters ever seen. They’re all rich, successful and more whiny than a bunch of teenage livejournalers. Joshua Malina, who I love in The West Wing and Sports Night desperately deserves a better character than the utterly unsympathetic cheating coward. I found it hard to tell the other three apart, one is a okish but kinda pathetic, one is obnoxious and one is whiny. I just didn’t feel the connection between the characters, I didn’t understand what brought these four different characters together to share their secrets.

I guess the production itself is ok, the sets are big and interesting, certainly looks like some money has been invested there. But it doesn’t really matter how much money you throw at a crap idea, it’s always going to be a crap idea. I don’t think it’s going to be on air very long and I don’t think many people will mourn its passing.


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