Due South: Season 2

Season two is disappointing compared to season one. I was surprised and pleased to find that I could actually label season 1 as ‘good television’. Season two can justifiably have the label of ‘entertaining television’ but has lost some of the sheen and soul that made season one great. There’s a higher concentration of episodes and scenes that are just daft and irritating. In the first season the two lead characters have depth and subtleties, but this largely evaporates in the second season and the whole thing feels like a step backwards.

DVD Special Features
They’ve dredged up some old promo pieces, mostly location pieces for promotion on Canadian morning shows. They’re fun to see but the video quality is pretty poor. The weirdest thing I’ve seen in a long time though is the clip of Noel’s House Party with Paul Gross on it trying to deliver lines with a straight face.

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