Andromeda: Season 5

I watched the first season of Andromeda with a disbelief that anything could be so bad and yet still somehow be fun to watch, some spark managed to emerge from the poor scripts, hammy acting and budget directing. I continued watching the series but in such a haphazard way that I couldn’t say for certain which episodes I’ve seen, even when re-watching them. The plots all blurred together and got very confused. So I gave up and jumped to season 5 where they do something of a reset and deliver all their characters to a completely isolated solar system.

I thought this would be great, back to the basics of what worked, storylines filled with firefights and adventure and a band of characters happy to make fun of the situation and each other. Sadly that was not to be, the writers seemingly completely muddled about what they wanted to do and what their characters were about. There was no sense of camaraderie from the group, each character adopting an “it’s all about me” attitude that just wasn’t fun to watch. The number of weird and wibbly metaphysical plots seemed to grow again and I generally couldn’t be bothered to pay attention.

Somewhere along the way this show lost it’s spark, which was kind of sad.


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