Pushing Daisies: Season 1

A very sweet and quirky show that seems to have found success and thereby somewhat renewed my faith in the viewing public and network television. I never imagined this show would succeed, figuring it would follow the path of Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, both of which it owes a large creative debt to. But it’s been surprisingly popular and picked up for a new season very fast.

Quirky really is the only way to describe the show. There’s nothing normal about it from the production style to the characters. The show looks both fantastic and bizarre with saturated colours and odd bluescreen effects. The characters are all simultaneously very simplistic but with obvious ‘hidden’ depths. As for the show itself, it can do anything from burst into song to pretty revolting make-up and dark concepts.

To be honest – it’s a little intense and can all get a bit much. I think the shorter season served it well – a full 20episode season would have become cloying and drawn out. But in short bursts the cynicism and bitterness of Emerson and Lily are sufficient to balance out the hopeless sappiness and adorableness of the lead characters and the astonishing perkiness of (the fabulous) Kristin Chenoweth.


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