House: Season 4

I wasn’t as frustrated and annoyed by this season as I thought I would be, which isn’t to say that I wasn’t irritated, but I still enjoyed the show.

Having fired his three assistants at the end of the previous series I knew that House was going to engage in a kind of reality contest to recruit their replacements, starting with a large pool and gradually whittling it down. I wasn’t expecting to actually like the new people as much as I did. It was actually quite fun to see them compete and satisfying to watch their journeys come to an end. The competition gave House new toys to play with and allowed us to re-evaluate his personality as seen by new people. I loved the two new male characters, but found Thirteen a little too like Cameron.

But that raises the irritation factor – if you’re going to replace Chase, Cameron and Foreman, they have to actually leave. Foreman gets a little more screentime, but frankly he’s just sitting there oozing bitterness which is pretty boring. Cameron and Chase meanwhile pop up for three lines an episode and then disappear again. The thing is – those three lines are usually great lines, ether through interaction with House or with his new minions they show they understand exactly how House works and why it’s best to just go with it. I love it when they appear, but it really shows up what idiots Wilson and Cuddy are being – the three juniors learnt, accepted and moved on, Cuddy and Wilson are just saying the same things every week and looking like idiots.

I really don’t remember much about the actual medical plots, that’s completely not why I watch House. The highpoint of the season was (as per usual) the final couple of episodes which showcase some really amazing writing. The first part had me completely engrossed in the mystery (even though I’d been spoilered) and the second part had me in absolute floods of tears. It was definitely an interesting season, but I worry that the following season will show the same lack of commitment and falter.


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