Grey’s Anatomy: Season 5

In my review of season 3 (I seem to have failed to review season 4) I commented that the season had made me sad through extremely poor high level plot and character writing, while continuing to delight me with acting and dialogue. That pretty much continues to hold true for season 5. The characters at least behave a bit more sensibly, there’s no ridiculous pairings that made me want to throw up a bit and for the most part characters make the ‘right’ decisions (they’re obviously often the wrong decisions, but they at least make sense for the characters).

The large plots continue to be a bit daft, most notably the ongoing hallucinations and sex with dead people thing which was just bizarre. I still get irritated at just how many life changing things can happen to each of these people every year, but I guess if you accept that this is more soap opera than realistic drama then it’s all ok. The dialogue and acting however continues to impress, each episode is a roller-coaster of sobbing and laughing leaving me a quietly gibbering mess if I try to watch too much at once. The season finale has left me in despair, I’m genuinely concerned about how these people will cope and have completely failed to convince myself that they’re just imaginary!


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