NCIS: Season 6

Wow, that was really season 6? This show has been running forever and I’m not entirely certain it’s going anywhere. I enjoy the episodes but I found that there was too much demarcation between the 6 or so Big episodes where interesting stuff happened both plot and character wise and the other 20 standard episodes where characters reverted to stereotype and the plot was just any old procedural bad guy. I know every episode can’t be large, but it really doesn’t cost much to have your characters behave and grow consistently rather than occasionally revert to stereotypes that they should have grown out of four seasons ago.

I do still enjoy the programme, it’s fun, the ensemble is good, the dialogue is well written and the action has the sense of Bellisario money and excitement. But I think if it wants to keep going it needs to find some spark otherwise it’s going to decay to an inglorious retirement.


3 thoughts on “NCIS: Season 6

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