Big Love: Season 1

Another superb series from HBO, in a similar spirit to Six Feet Under, focussing on a family with an ‘odd’ situation but basically just telling the stories of their day to day lives. The family here is made up of three households – three wives, seven children and one husband. There are larger issues to deal with involving past family connections and a religious compound and cult. However to me what was most interesting and enjoyable about the show were the day to day issues and logistics associated with having three households and three wives, watching everyone try to balance their own needs and the greater needs of the family.

The diverse personalities involved are beautifully performed by the cast. The three wives are all so different and yet very believable as ‘sister wives’. The two eldest children also have an interesting story – to what extent they agree with the illegal polygamy and how they have to keep their lives secret. As with Six Feet Under it’s the humour of the show and the sense of family that hold the whole thing together and make it a real joy to watch.


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