Supernatural: Season 2

Season two is where the show really comes into its own I think. The characters and ethos of the show are well understood following the careful and considered set-up of the first season and season two focusses more on the big arc storyline. Investigating and battling the Yellow Eyed Demon’s plans takes time and brings new problems to the brothers’ relationship.

The first season was almost entirely Sam and Dean, with only their father as a recurring character. Losing their father at the start of the season was a blow to this, but he was replaced with several new recurring characters. Bobby is the direct replacement for their dad, and he is a good foil for the boys – gruff, sarcastic and happy to tell them they’re stupid, while still treating them as grown-ups. Ellen, Jo and Ash at the roadhouse are also a good addition, and with the other hunters that appear make it seem more like an estranged community. I wish Jo was in a few more episodes, she and Dean had really interesting chemistry.

The end of the season was pretty epic. Of the final three episodes the first revealed a lot about Dean – what drives him and what he wants, while the next reveals more about Sam’s destiny. The final episode was just explosive, resolving several stories while setting more up for the third season. I think the first two season form a pretty well contained arc of their own, and I really enjoyed them.


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