Supernatural: Season 4

I promised myself I’d write this review before watching the season 5 premier and that’s sitting waiting for me, so I will try to keep this as short as possible as I find it impossible to resist this show. I watched this season in under three days, including a 14 episode marathon to get to the end. That’s an indicator mostly of the emptiness of my life and how obsessive I can get, but also of just how astonishingly superb this show is.

The arc and aims of this season are as clear (in hindsight) as the third were. This time it’s about taking things to the next level and breaking the boys apart, so having hit rock bottom (hopefully) they can rebuild everything in the (planned to be) final season. And wow, is rock bottom ever a long way down. Again I cannot praise highly enough the acting of the two leads who mostly manage to take what could be a massive angst-fest into engaging, funny, heartbreaking character development.

The supporting characters finally hits its stride and manages to stand up against the calibre of the lead two and Bobby (who is wonderful as always). Castiel is a fascinating character, I wanted to hug him and give him a cookie and yet he was completely disconcerting at the same time. I got on better with Ruby this season as well, maybe the different actress, but mostly I think her character seemed to be less convenient and more understandable. I loved Anna as well and the fire, emotion and humanity she brought.

Story wise, the main arc was impressive in its scope and mostly well handled. The 66 seals gave a bit of form to the monster of the week episodes, but did occasionally drift into just being a handy plot device. Even with all the big stuff there was still time for some well placed humour and referencing with the monster show, hilariously titled ‘Jump the Shark’ and the Chuck the prophet.

I was really impressed at this season, they’ve taken the show to a level far beyond what I thought the fun little show of the first season was capable of. They’ve taken something witty and action packed and made it about the apocalypse without ever losing sight of the wit, action or character development. I can’t wait for season 5 and am not sure I’m going to cope with just one episode a week.


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