Pilot Review: Community

I don’t watch many half hour comedies, they don’t really fit in with the way I watch TV and most of them just aren’t funny to me. I don’t think Community is really going to change that, but I did find it surprisingly funny.

It’s a few days into the new year at Greenvale Community College and the traditional bunch of lovable misfits are brought together in a fake study group set up by Jeff, a disbarred lawyer, solely to get a date with someone. Jeff’s equal parts horribly manipulative and hilariously insightful. The rest of the group are solid as an ensemble, but unremarkable individually based on the 22 minutes of pilot episode.

With a solid cast the only other thing you need for a comedy is good writing (it’s not like the direction or plot are really very important in half hour comedies), and the best thing about Community is that the dialogue is fast and smart. The use of language is elegant and snappy, each of the characters has a very different way of speaking and each of them is well written and funny in different ways. I laughed, I chuckled and I had a smile on my face through pretty much the whole thing. The ending gets a little sappy, but it made sense to round the plot of the pilot out that way.

Links: Official site at NBC, imdb, wikipedia, tv.com

I can’t find any information if a UK channel has bought the show.


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