Pilot Review: The Beautiful Life: TBL

A show about models living in New York co-starring Elle Macpherson and with Ashton Kutcher as Executive Producer. How can this possibly go wrong.

This show really is like Gossip Girl without the actual Gossip Girl. It’s got beautiful people living ridiculous lives, cool music, thousands of costume changes, temper tantrums, slimy bastards and manipulative bitches. It’s utterly shameless. Even the characters who are supposed to be ‘not like everyone else’ are only borderline normal.

What it’s missing is Gossip Girl herself, who brings not only a voiceover and motif to hang the episodes on, but also a healthy dose of cynicism to stop the show taking itself too seriously. From what I can see in the pilot all the characters are either inside, or on their way into The Beautiful Life and there’s no complete outsider being the voice of the viewer. It didn’t really matter for the pilot, but I can see it might become a problem in the future.

Overall the pilot was pretty watchable, at times even kinda charming. I can’t say I’ll be going out of my way to watch this, it’s likeable enough but utterly disposable. There were a couple of hints towards more interesting storylines and mysterious pasts, but I think I’ll wait to see what the reviewers are saying mid-season to decide whether to make the effort or not.

Links: Official site at The CW, imdb, wikipedia

I can’t seem to find any information on whether someone in the UK has brought the rights to show it.


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