Accidentally on Purpose

The Brief: Somewhat ditzy ‘cougar’ has the worst one night stand ever when she ends up pregnant and with the boy-toy father as a lodger. I can’t find a video, and that’s probably for the best.

I’m almost wishing that I’d decided to ignore the half hour comedies for this set of reviews, I’m concluding that I just don’t really get on with the format. Even when I don’t find the characters or scripting annoying I get so irritated by the laughter track and frustrated by only really having 20 minutes of action, that it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Accidentally on Purpose is perfectly adequate. The concept is functional, I can see it providing a nice arc for the season and series as a whole as well as nicely digestible episodic plots. It’s a good role for Jenna Elfman, moving from the late 20-something Dharma of Dharma and Greg ‘fame’ to this late 30 -something role. She’s got a good co-star in Ashley Jensen (Christina from Ugly Betty) who reminded me a lot of Maryann from Cybill, stealing the scene and chewing it up in the same way. The rest of the supporting cast is completely unremarkable, utter wet blankets.

There’s nothing about this show that jumps up and shouts that you must watch it. I chuckled a few times and smiled more times than I cringed, so it certainly rates above Bored to Death in, but it just doesn’t have the spark that something like Community did. To me this is just filler in the schedules, the kind of thing I might not actively change channel to escape, but in a competitive line-up there’s no way this earns my time.

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Review from TV Squad.


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