Mad Men: Season 3

The pacing of this show is very strange, I can’t imagine watching it just one episode a week, with each episode ending in a somewhat random place and no stories ever really being wrapped up (like life I guess). But watching all 13 episodes it as I did reveals the careful developments and precision plotting, until it all comes together in a breath-taking final episode, where just a single line from a character, or even just a glance beautifully rounds out their story. While I found myself a little bored by the ongoing sagas in the Draper household, life in the advertising agency was fascinating and season 4 looks set to be equally exciting. The ensemble cast is amazing, I’ve not always thought Jon Hamm as impressive as others have, but this season’s storylines gave more range to the character and he is well deserving of the praise. I can’t wait for next season.


One thought on “Mad Men: Season 3

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