The Unit – Season 3

This season went by fast! Thanks to the writers’ strike it’s only 11 episodes long, and with two two-parters, it feels like there’s only really 9 episodes. Each of the double episodes is very interesting, the first resolving the cliff hanger of the previous season with the guys separated and having to fight their own government. The second is a very powerful piece of storytelling – a mission gone disastrously wrong with the boys in real peril, and then the fallout from that. Each shows how the team works together (even when separated) and the different dynamics within the group, I’ve watched feature films with less story and polish than these episodes.

In comparison a lot of the single episodes are unremarkable. The writing, acting and directing all maintains the high standards of the first season, but the stories are fairly instantly forgettable. Meanwhile the relationships and ‘fluffy’ stuff is starting to feel contrived, too obviously linking to the military missions. That half of the show always has to be careful not to stray too far into the land of soap opera and a few times they crossed that line this season. Maybe it’s just more obvious because of how real and uncontrived the military side of the stories feel.

Special Features
I have the complete series, so not sure if the special features are different to the single season box set. There’s an impressive collection of commentaries, which are reasonably interesting, although nothing earth shatteringly original. The cast clearly has a riot together because their commentaries are full of in-jokes, singing and giggling, not necessarily very informative but entertaining to listen to. There’s an interesting ½ hour interview with the writing team talking about the show, with Sean Ryan once again leading the discussion very well. There’s also a couple of deleted scenes, but nothing that wasn’t a justified edit.


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