The upfronts: The CW

What’s Out
The reinvention of Melrose Place apparently didn’t work so it’s gone. The Beautiful Life: TBL was cancelled so long ago that it seems to have completely been wiped from everyone’s memories which is probably for the best. Also cancelled apparently were High Society and Fly Girls, neither of which I’ve heard of, so I suspect they might have been reality shows.

What’s Back
The answer to that question is, almost everything! Life Unexpected was on the bubble for a long time, but eventually made the cut. Supernatural returns for a slightly unexpected 6th season, but it will be with a new show runner and on Friday nights where it will be partnering Smallville, returning for its tenth an final season. The Vampire Diaries, which I mocked for being terrible has been a big hit and a no brainer for renewal. 90210 and Gossip Girl round out the renewals with cheesy teenage fun.

What’s New

  • Hellcats: When you look at the rest of the schedule it seems obvious that what it’s missing is something featuring cheerleaders. The clip looks absolutely terrible, no humour, no personality just gratuitious. I was hoping for the spark of Gossip Girl, but if this is the best clip they could find to advertise their show, I’m not optimistic.
  • Nikita: A new adaptation of La Femme Nikita. The clip is nothing special at all, looks like Alias and any number of similar things. Again, if this is the best clip they could find, I don’t foresee this show lasting long.

Links: The CW, TV Squad, The Futon Critic, TV Addict


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