Grey’s Anatomy: Season 6

I have a rather epic love/hate relationship with Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t think of another show that has pissed me off so much, but that I’ve forgiven over and over again.

The problem is that 10% of the show is really terrible. Most of that is due to the characters making really really idiotic choices – getting involved in dumb relationships, screwing up the good ones and endlessly whining about how hard their poor little lives are. You just want to shout at them to grow up, get on with it and sort themselves out. The other big problem this season specifically was the sudden introduction of a mass of new characters, it felt too much like an extended casting session to replace the absent characters, except that because there were so many of them I didn’t care about any of them.

Despite these hugely frustrating issues, the other 90% of the show is absolutely brilliant. The dialogue, the characters, the relationships, the music, the drama, the comedy… it’s wonderful, I adore it. I save up a few episodes, waiting until I have the house to myself and settle in with some comfort food and a box of tissues. It’s my time. My indulgence. I can’t stand to have my watching interrupted by someone who doesn’t understand, there’s no way I can explain the show without it seeming silly, soppy and embarrassed, spoiling the whole experience. The show and I have history – I can’t explain to someone why I burst into tears when Meredith calls Christina her Person, or why I cheer and clap when Bailey silences someone with a look. If you don’t understand it, I can’t explain it.

When I disappear into the world of Grey’s I don’t notice that the plots are ludicrous, that about 80% of the doctors on the show have ended up on the operating table themselves, that Seattle Grace seems to attract the crazies like moths to a flame. It bothers me a bit when I come to write this kind of review, but it’s hardly the show’s fault that I over analyse things. if I just stuck to shamelessly enjoying it by myself, or occasionally discussing it over coffee with people who understand (“the thing with thing…”, “…sobbing everywhere…”, “…Seriously!”) then I would probably be perfectly happy.

After they killed off George last season, I wasn’t sure I could face coming back. I’m glad I did. I’ll be back next season too, and woe betide anyone who mocks me.


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