CSI:NY Season 7

I said of season 6:

The problem with New York is that it feels like it’s a television show, that everything is written and guided to maximise ratings, product placement, celebrity appearances and mostly, to generate an exciting looking trailer for next week’s episode. The cases and character developments all feel contrived; nothing seems as if it’s stuff that has just happened and has to be dealt with, it always feels as if a committee of writers has sat down together and decided what would be interesting this week. The next week they may decide something different and the previous events are just forgotten. It means that each episode is quite enjoyable in a disposable way, but when I come to write the end of season review I feel weirdly angry about the whole thing.

That’s exactly the same paragraph I’d write about season 7, except I no longer feel angry about it, I just feel bored.

CSI:NYThere are a few great characters in CSI:NY, but they really don’t feel like they’ve done much this season. CSI character development used to be done so slowly you didn’t notice it as it happened, but at the end of each season you’d be able to see how the characters and relationships had developed. Now though the idea of character development is to devote an individual episode to each character and they have some kind of melodramatic trauma where they obsess over a case or their personal life comes into conflict with the job. It’s all excitement one week and then forgotten the next, erratic and frustrating. The arrival of Jo Danvers could have been a great opportunity to gradually build new relationships and shift established ones. Instead within only a couple of episodes she was acting like she owned the place and knew everything about everyone. I found her irritating beyond belief.

After 22 episodes I can’t remember any of the cases at all, often I struggled to remember the cases while I was in the middle of the episodes. The investigations seem to get increasingly random with ever smaller more coincidental pieces of evidence end up being key. The ‘big bad’ at the end of the season lacked any kind of impact or drama, too much like the writers forgot they needed a bigger plot to define the end of the season and just threw something together last minute.

At time of writing CSI:NY hasn’t yet been picked up for an 8th season, and with the lowest ratings of any of the CSIs it’s by no means looking optimistic. The final episode definitely felt like it would be an acceptable ending point to the series – no cliff-hanger and a nice little montage. Even if it is renewed, unless they make some big changes to the series to shake it up, I don’t think I’ll be returning. I feel like they’ve told all the stories they have to tell.


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