Bones: Season 6

Another member of the family of disposable procedurals that seem to dominate the time I spend watching television, but make minimal impact in any other way.

The majority of the time Bones is something I enjoy watching and then forget about almost as soon as the credits roll. The crimes and mysteries are diverting, more creative than shows such as CSI, but lacking the impact of things like Criminal Minds. The crimes never quite feel real – as they often start out with a completely unrecognisable corpse, it is often a real struggle to find the human being that existed before they were turned into a pile of goop and bones on an exam table. Brennan’s analytical, emotionless response to the victims is contagious. Too often there isn’t even an attempt to make the audience care about the people involved and the motives and methods of the killers drift too far towards the silly end of the spectrum.

On the other hand, maybe that cold heartedness, both in the plots and the character of Bones is a cunning ploy by the writers so that when there is an emotional connection, it’s that much stronger. Brennan isn’t without feeling, she just reacts differently to ‘normal’ people, but when she cries, or smiles – wow she really means it.

Booth on the flipside cheerfully over-feels everything left right and centre, where Brennan is closed he is screamingly open in his loyalty, determination, anger, frustration, happiness and love. It was great to see Booth in a relationship during this season, and although it angered all the Brennan-Booth fans, it showed how Booth blossoms when he’s in a relationship. It also highlighted to me that he wakes up when he’s around Brennan, not in a romantic way but as partners that can trust each other. He comes back from his stint as a soldier, more than ever needing someone to have his back and it added (or maybe just explained) an element of the character beautifully.

I’ve always enjoyed the supporting characters on this show, Hodgins and Angela are an entertaining couple, a couple that retain their personalities but again, flourish when they’re together. To be honest the baby storyline dragged on a bit, covering unoriginal ground like being fat and fussed over (when Angela spent the last few episodes declaring she was done with being pregnant I agreed whole heartedly). Sweets and Cam lacked any major storylines that I remember, but they never fail to make me smile, often acting as the grown ups of the group, challenging and accepting the other members of the family as appropriate. The revolving squinterns that I enjoyed so much last season became a little trying at times, too many of them failing to develop beyond their stereotypes, with the exception of Wendell, who was the only one that really felt integrated with the group.

The season ends on an interesting note, Hodgins and Angela have a new baby who will presumably be joining them in the lab. Brennan’s revelation that she’s pregnant with Booth’s baby following an off-screen hook-up, will obviously completely reshape the series. I’ve never been in favour of them being together as a couple, but somehow this season I’ve gradually come to accept it. In those final moments of the season, when Brennan nervously broke the news to Booth and he responded with a huge grin – I was sold. I’m actually looking forward to seeing these two as a couple and am really pleased to see the show take a leap and change things up for its next season.

Season 6 will be released in October on DVD from Amazon


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