NCIS: Season 8

I claimed my season 7 review was going to be very short, because my season 6 review. pretty much covered it. Well season 8 is going to be even shorter.

I resorted to looking at an episode guide because I had so little recollection of what could possibly have filled 24 of the most highly rated episodes on television. Even after looking at it, I still can’t remember more than a few moments from the season.

The introduction of the second team was a missed opportunity, it may have been interesting if it had been done earlier, as it was they felt too much like red-shirts sent in to increase the body count with an artificial emotional attachment. The relationship between Tony and EJ was surprisingly interesting in that it caused a wobble in Tony’s relationship with Gibbs and gave them both pause. If that concept is pushed in the next season with Tony’s secret assignment there might still be some life in this show, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Season 8 really was one of the most unremarkable collections of episodes I can (fail to) recall. I guess I should be positive that at least nothing stood out for being horrendous, but then at least that would give me something to write this review about.

  1. August 29th, 2011
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