Unforgettable – Pilot Review

Concept – Carrie remembers everything. She used to be a detective but apparently gave it up because she couldn’t get over her inability to solve a murder she witnessed as a child. Carrie witnesses a murder and coincidentally bumps into her old partner and she ends up getting involved again.

Issue 1 – you really shouldn’t give your show a name that could potentially produce ironic headlines for reviewers. It makes the whole thing too easy. To be honest, Unforgettable wasn’t completely forgettable, but it’s almost too big a temptation to pass up.

Issue 2 – god I’m bored with will-they-won’t-they sexual tension between partners in procedurals. I guess these two have the slight twist that they ‘did’ in the past and now ‘aren’t’, but that also brings along the questionable joy of bickering ex-es. It’s all just a bit of a bore.

Issue 3 – Equally tedious is the backstory of a police officer haunted by a crime in her past. Oh and flashbacks. Goody.

Issue 4 – there are waaaay too many coincidences. She happens to have met a goon on a previous occasion, happens to look in the right direction, happens to have helped the victim with groceries… meh.

Issue 5 – The idea works for the pilot where Carrie could use her talent to recreate the crime she was a witness to, but I’m not sure how it’s going to work on an episode by episode basis where she’s only seeing exactly what all the other police officers are seeing. They’re going to have to work very hard for the trick to not become either an over-used gimmick or diluted to non-existence.

On the plus side, I quite liked the cast. Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) and Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) are solid leads, and they do a really good job of delivering some cheesy dialogue with a very light touch and interesting delivery. The supporting cast which includes the always entertaining Kevin Rankin (Friday Night Lights, Trauma) seemed solid enough although they weren’t given masses to do in the pilot unsurprisingly.

So in summary – it ain’t awful, but it is (sorry) moderately forgettable.

Other reviews
AOL TV includes it on its list of 10 least promising shows of the fall “Everything about this police procedural felt tired and uninspired”.

NY Times “If that’s all that “Unforgettable” has to offer, it may turn into one of those crime shows that are competent enough but, well, forgettable, despite Ms. Montgomery’s charms.”


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