The Upfronts 2012 – NBC

It’s upfronts time again, each of the five major networks confirm what they’ve cancelled and what they’ve renewed and introduce what they hope will be the next hottest thing. First up, NBC.

What’s out
NBC had a collection of fairly interesting new drama series this year, but sadly most of the ones I liked didn’t stay around very long. Awake, Playboy Club and Prime Suspect all had promising starts I thought, although I have to confess that I haven’t watched beyond the pilots (Awake is sitting on my Sky box at the moment). I didn’t even get round to watching the pilot of The Firm before it was cancelled. Also cancelled are a couple of comedies that no one laughed at – Are You There, Chelsea and Free Agents. No one cares.

I was surprised last year when Harry’s Law was given a second season as I had barely seen a single word about the series, if possible it got even less press this year so its cancellation is no surprise. Also no surprise was the end of Chuck, it lasted far longer than its ratings ever warranted and I know it had a die-hard following, but I never watched it so won’t miss it.

What’s back
Only three new series survived the cull. Grimm has apparently been pretty well received, although I thought the pilot was poor and didn’t bother with it. Smash was one of those shows that was almost too hyped up to be allowed to fail, it is however only coming back mid-season, which doesn’t indicate a massive amount of confidence (again, I haven’t watched beyond the pilot, the rest is slowly building up on my PVR). The third pickup was Whitney, but it’s a half hour comedy so I don’t care.

NBC is packed full of comedies that I don’t get, but others love. Community and Parks and Recreation, Up All Night and The Office are all back, and 30 Rock is getting a reduced season to bring itself to a graceful close. Also renewed are the last Law & Order standing – Special Victims Unit and Parenthood, which I keep meaning to catch up on and never quite get round to.

What’s new
Revolution is a ‘top pick’ for the season, a post apocalyptic affair created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe etc). The concept and names attached are interesting, but the trailer left me a little meh.

Chicago Fire – fire-fighters make a change from police at least. The trailer contains all the angst, fire and terstosterone you’d expect.

Go On – a comedy about a therapy group for people dealing with life change. I laughed at the funny bits of the trailer but was dumbstruck by the massively abrupt tone changes

The New Normal – gay couple hire a surrogate, she has a quirky daughter and an offensive grandmother, they have a loud obnoxious assistant and a lack of chemistry. Not great.

Do No Harm – A neurosurgeon with a Jeckyl and Hyde thing going on. No trailer, just some uninspiring clips.

Animal Practice – awful comedy about an over the top animal hospital and it’s insane staff. There’s also a monkey.

Guys with Kids – “This is the story of three guys. Three guys that make fatherhood fun”. They do not. It’s awful. And that’s a hexagon not an octagon. Not funny and bad at maths.

1600 Penn – a dysfunctional family in the White House. No trailer, just an awful clip.

Hannibal – Bryan Fuller best known for quirky, light hearted froth like Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls takes a run at Hannibal Lector. The fact they haven’t cast Lector yet is a bit of a worry (mid-season).

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