The Upfronts – The CW

After a brief delay I finally get to the last of the channels to announce their line up – The CW. The network continues to fill it’s schedule with teen-friendly monsters, superheroes and teenage angst. I’m not judging mind you, I’m quite partial to those genres.

What’s out

Another clean sweep of cancellations of things I don’t watch. One Tree Hill bowed out after nine seasons, while H8R, Ringer and Secret Circle didn’t make it to season 2. I thought Secret Circle looked ok for the teenage witchy thing that it was, but Ringer’s pilot at least was so badly written and cheaply produced that even Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t make me give the show a chance.

What’s Back
The only show I actually watch on the CW is Supernatural, which is renewed for its 8th season, but to be honest, I haven’t actually watched much of season 7 yet due to the somewhat relentless misery of it. Gossip Girl is also renewed for its 6th and final season (the first couple of series were a guilty pleasure, but I didn’t go back to it). The Vampire Diaries is another massive hit for the channel, but I didn’t get past the worse-than-Twilight pilot. Nikita is also renewed, which I didn’t watch because I felt I’d probably be better off watching Alias if I was going to watch something like this.

Also renewed are the new version of 90210 (if it doesn’t have Luke Perry in it, it’s not worth watching) and Hart of Dixie, which I thought was awful. Left hanging a bit longer is The LA Complex which I haven’t seen yet.

What’s New
Arrow – Based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow series, the trailer looks to be doing exactly what it needs to be doing, a reasonably dark and gritty “Batman light” type superhero seeking vengeance thing. Just with a bow and arrow. I’m not exactly excited about it, but I am intrigued.

Beauty and the Beast – Beauty is a detective, Beast is a doctor with Hulk tendencies. there’s not much to go on in the trailer, the only opinion I can really have at this point is that it overuses power ballads.

Emily Owens, M.D. – Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter – a label I’m sure she never gets tired of) stars as a slightly quirky new doctor. I like the actress a lot (she’s been in The Good Wife and short lived Off the Map) but I think the internal monologue voiceover and perky backing music may be more than I can take.

Cult – people are becoming obsessed with a TV show, and the show now seems to be spilling over into the real world. The synopsis is mind twisting but original and interesting, the trailer (this poor quality one is the only one I could find and it may not stay around long) looks weird, creepy and intriguing. This is definitely one of the shows I’m most curious about for the new season.

The Carrie Diaries – a prequel to Sex and the City, describing Carrie’s transition from suburbia to Manhattan. No trailer is available in the UK, so I’ve no idea about this. But not being a fan of Sex and the City or of anything set in the 80s, I’m not optimistic.

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