Blue Bloods: Season 3

Blue BloodsI’m struggling to think of a single thing to say about this season that isn’t just a repeat of last year. Actually, why bother – here’s what I said last year.

First up… nothing happened! Of 22 plots and probably a similar number of sub-plots, I only remember a few moments scattered about… I often struggled to remember what was going on in the middle of the episodes, let alone weeks or months later…and if I can’t remember the cases, you can bet your life that I didn’t actually care about any of them.

That would be fine if the cases were just there as a vehicle to bigger stories or character development, but nothing happened on that front either.

I even gave them some helpful hints about how to make the series better – giving the characters new challenges, putting them in different situations, bringing new characters into the family… They obviously decided not to listen to me, because they just puttered along exactly as they did the last two years. In fact, they actually got rid of one of the characters I liked (Danny’s partner) and failed to replace her with a regular character. The Regans need people to challenge them, otherwise they’re just sanctimonious.

So once again I’m left explaining that I watch the series because I love Tom Selleck and because it’s so easy to watch it’s practically wallpaper. Blue Bloods is always there for those times that you have ironing to do and don’t want to spoil one of the shows you actually enjoy by being distracted. It’s continued presence on my todo list next year is only really based on the fact that with CSI:NY finishing, I need to have something mediocre to make ironing bearable


2 thoughts on “Blue Bloods: Season 3

  1. I feel much the same. Blue Bloods isn’t bad, but it never really hits the heights. The whole two-part season finale with Vinny getting killed felt very tacked-on, almost like an afterthought with no real arc to speak of. In a world of intricately-plotted procedurals with complex arcs – Person of Interest being perhaps the pinnacle – Blue Bloods feels positively old-fashioned and plodding by comparison. It’s still on my wattch-list but only by default. One more season to give them enough episodes to syndicate, and then I suspect it’s time to retire the show.

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