The Upfronts 2014: The CW

cwThe CW, the perpetual teenager of the television networks released its schedule on Thursday. It broadcasts less hours of prime time programming than the other networks, so has fairly limited space on the schedule and it pretty much fills it with teenage angst and monsters. It had one of the more successful years for new shows, picking up 3 out of 5 dramas.

What’s Dead?
The Carrie Diaries the prequel to Sex and the City was cancelled after two seasons. I’m a bit surprised it made it that far, it seemed flawed from the get go, why create a show aimed at teenagers based on a show whose fans are now in (at least!) their thirties. Plus it’s set in the eighties (shudder). Nikita (4) was both more interesting and longer running, but the fourth season was a much shorter one designed to finish the stories off.

Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People were both cancelled after their first seasons. Teenage aliens and teenage superheroes just didn’t bring in enough viewers. I barely stomached sitting through the trailer for Star-Crossed and the pilot for Tomorrow People was uninspiring, so I won’t cry over either cancellation.

What’s Survived?
Supernatural - Season 5Supernatural, a series that was with a five year arc and that started when The CW was still The WB will return for a tenth season next year! I stopped watching a couple of years ago because I just found the endless trauma the Winchesters’ experienced exhausting. I almost wish they cancel the show so they can retire to a nice quiet life somewhere. The Vampire Diaries enters its sixth season demonstrating the popularity of vampires. Arrow (3) shows the popularity of superheroes, Hart of Dixie (4) the popularity of will-they-won’t-they and Beauty and the Beast (3) the popularity of pretty people with disproportionate amounts of angst.

While a proposal for a Supernatural’s spinoff next year failed to generate any buzz or pickup The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off The Originals was popular enough for a second season. Two other new shows will return – Reign and The 100. I haven’t seen either so can’t really comment, both look like the usual teenage high school show just that Reign is set in 16th Century France and The 100 in the post apocalyptic future. Different centuries, same problems with boys.

What’s New?
Flash (trailer): Barry Allen is a CSI with a tragic past and is hit by a lightning from a storm that was produced by a physics experiment. Now Barry has super-speed. So he’s a superhero, fighting other people who made the opposite decision after being hit by the lightning. It’s set in the same universe as Arrow and has crossovers, if Arrow was a budget Batman, this is a budget Spider-Man. The trailer is a bit naff, but it might be ok if it focuses on the light rather than the over the top melodrama.

Jane the Virgin (trailer): 23 year old Jane is saving herself for marriage when she is accidentally (!) artificially inseminated with her boss’s baby. Yes, that’s genuinely the plot. If the trailer is anything to go by Jane is a nice girl trapped in a terrible plot with a shrieking mother. It reminded me of Ugly Betty, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I also never made it past the first season of that because the shrieking people were a bit too much.

iZombie (no trailer, mid-season): Dr Olivia Moore was a perky go-getting resident until she went to a party and got turned into a zombie. She manages to hide that fact and takes a job in the coroner’s office where she can eat all the brains she needs. But it turns out each brain gives her memories from the dead person, so she pretends to be psychic so she can help solve their murders. The title is terrible, but I actually rather like the concept. Done right it could be a lot of fun.

The Messengers (no trailer, mid-season): Four strangers are knocked unconscious and wake up connected to each other, with new powers and a mission from a “mysterious figure known only as The Man”. The press release is littered with bible quotes which makes me a little nervous, but The CW have confronted these themes on Supernatural before and had a pretty interesting take on them.


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