The Upfronts 2014: Syfy

syfyWhat’s Dead
Warehouse 13’s final season concluded a little while ago with the same level of insanity and entertainment that it’s had for five seasons. The US version of Being Human managed four seasons (one less than the UK), but thanks to longer seasons it was actually 15 episodes longer.

What’s Returning
defianceHaven and Lost Girl will both return for fifth seasons later this year, Continuum is currently in the middle of its third season and Defiance will return in June for its second season. The truly awful Helix has somehow got a renewal for a second season next year and Something called Bitten that I’ve no recollection of hearing about but wasn’t surprised to find out is about werewolves, will also return for a second season.

What’s New
Ascension (trailer, November): It’s a spaceship!!! A six hour “event”. 50 years ago the spaceship Ascension, carrying hundreds of people set off to populate a new world, now half way there a murder causes everyone to question their true mission. Sounds and looks intriguing.

Dominion (trailer June): Set 25 years after the film Legion, it’s a war between angels and humans. The trailer needs considerably better actors. Also what’s with the dramatic single word names? Defiance, Ascension, Dominion…

There are also mentions of a new version of Blake’s 7 (yeah, believe that one when I see it!) and series based on the films Unbreakable (this year) and 12 Monkeys (Jan 2015).


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